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SteriPod Sterilization Spray Tunnel

R43,694.25R88,544.25 incl. VAT

Sterilization Spray Tunnel, powder coated in white; Each unit has 3 nozzles fitted, complete with piping and connected fittings


SteriPod Sterilization Spray Tunnel

  • Modular design allows for the addition of multiple 1m modules, for a completely manufactured, waterproof, branded unit.
  • There is a 220V automated spray pump all-inone unit, with each nozzle having 3 spray nozzles fitted, complete with piping and fittings.
  • Sanitiser tank sizes: 1M unit - 100 litres; 2M/3M units - 260 litres.
  • The unit comes supplied with 3 x 5l Vantocil Solution which dilutes with water at a ratio of 5:1. The unit also includes a two-way automated switching unit for seamless operation.
  • Includes an astro turf mat which sterilizes the underneath of shoes and prevents slipping. Also includes a microfibre floor mat to assist with¬† drying shoes.
  • Includes installation, excludes transportation.
  • Price includes Branding Installation Included - Panel is 1M wide

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Single Panel 1M, Double Panel 2M, Triple Panel 3M


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